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I named my website “fantafonte”. This is a coined word I made. It is combined Fanfa; prefix meaning fantasy and Fonte; meaning fountain or spring in Italian. ( I learn Italian for enjoyment.) The word describes the way in which I create my prints.

Most of my pieces are created by what I fantasize about. My thoughts look like clouds keep hovering around my head. They are like fluffy white clouds you can see from a plane. As the clouds might be rain to water the soil, my “clouds” help to cultivate my ideas. My clouds are floating around me as well as inspire me as source of my ideas. I always try to capture it and make myself soak in it to figure out my ideas.

Artist’s Statement

Continuation is very important for me. Keep watching my changes, the trasfiguration of my ideas and representing Fantafontes of the time from various points of view are all I aim to do as an artist.

The piece of the top page is called “Sunlight”. At the time I made the piece I had concerned myself with surface of border between others and me, things and me. I imagined if sensibility has got a shape against someone, it would be molded someone’s into yours. I imagined that we always share these surfaces with someone or something as though others come into our shape to change exactly the same as ours. I made this piece thinking about how my “surface” was against the world I am living. I wanted to feel like bathing in rays of the sun.

Recently, I try to capture especially colors and forms more than the story behind the vision what I am seeing in my mind. In the process of making a piece the colors and the forms tell me what sort of stories I am having in the different ways from ones I took so far.

Curriculum Vitae

HASHIMOTO,Naomi was born in Tokyo, Japan.
Graduated Tama Art University, Japan, 1987.
Studied graphic design and lithograph and took BA in Graphic Design.
Participated the Workshop for Reduction Woodcut Printmaking by Professor Karen Kunc, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, U.S.A at St. Reparata, Florence, Italy, summer 1999.
After graduating worked for some record companies as a graphic designer, in charge of CD sleeve, poster and so on.
After leaving those record companies work as a printmaker/illustrator.

Principal Personal Exhibition

1993 Futaba Gallery (Tokyo,Japan)
1996,1998,2000,2002,2004,2006,2010 Galleria Grafica Bis (Tokyo,Japan)
1997 Momiji-no-Ki (Yamanashi,Japan)
2000 Andersen (Nara,Japan), Gallery Kaori (Osaka,Japan)
2005 Tokyo Daimaru
2006,2008,2010 Ito-ya mini gallery(Tokyo,Japan)

Principal Group Exhibition

1987 Graphic Exhibition of Japan (Tokyo)
1994 The 5th Miyako Print Award ,Prize (Osaka)
1995 The 1st Tokyo International Mini print Triennale (Tokyo)
1996 The 64th Japan Print Exhibition (Tokyo)
1997 The 42th CWAJ Print Show(Tokyo American Club,Tokyo)
The 12th Mini print International Exhibition (New York,U.S.A)
1998 The 18th Mini print international CADAQUES (Spain)
GRAFINNOVA'98 (Vaasa,Finland)
1999 The 19th Mini print international CADAQUES (Spain)
2000 The 20th Mini print international CADAQUES (Spain)
The 45th CWAJ Print Show(Tokyo American Club,Tokyo)
2003 The 7th International Biennal of Miniture Art (Serbia and Montenegro)
2005 My Books - Graphic Novels Exhibit(Tokyo),
Tokyo International Book Fair(Tokyo)
Portfoglio Exhibits"On The Edge" (Universitat der Kunste Gallery,Berlin
and Purdue University in "Exchange II",Rueff Galleries)
2009,2010,2011 Exhibition of the hand boud book

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